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Scapic helps convert more customers with AR ready
product visualizations, created all on the browser with no code.

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360° Visualization on your Product Page

Products come in all shapes, sizes and nuances
Let your shoppers see your products the way you wanted them to, with Scapic & Augmented Reality.

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Product activations on your landing page

Increase interactions on star products, or boost views to under-performing products with custom activation messages that are hard to miss.

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No code, No hassle
Advanced analytics, Actionable Insights

AR that works out of the box.

Host your experiences on a platform that you control. Upload 3D models and just embed them on your site, get the AR part working without hassle.

No code, No hassle

Create captivating product experiences in Scapic’s drag-and-drop editor and deliver your AR experiences to anyone, anywhere, with the fastest, highest quality cloud platform.

Advanced analytics, Actionable Insights

Get a pulse on how viewers are interacting with your 3D and AR products with engagement rates, action stats and more. Optimize your 3D for search and drive more traffic to your website, without any development work.

Seeing is believing. Seeing is buying.

Increase conversions by 29% and reduce product returns by 49% by simply switching out your images with a realistic AR experience.


Get More Customers

Get over a 15X boost on your CTR with 3D enabled products on your site.



Keep them Engaged

Grab 104% higher order values when you upgrade to AR compared to product images.



Get more into the Cart

Customers are 62% more likely to purchase a product when they experience it in AR.


Multi-dimensional, across all dimensions

Integrate Scapic on your site, the way you want it.

A Widget

Jazz up your landing page to make your product grab eyeballs.

A Link

Display pages & product images are best complimented with 3D and AR.

A 3D Player

Go the distance and show the world a 360° view of your awesome product.

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9/10 B2B marketing managers would recommend this product to a client

Immersive commerce, made simple.


Make your products AR ready for your site.


No 3D? Can we build it?
Yes we can!

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