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Why AR Scape

Why not! The world is moving towards 3D and Immersive. Add another dimension to your product visualisation before it’s too late!


Increase Engagement

With key touch-points such as features, images and videos on your product, your customers don’t have to scroll or search for information anymore.


Reduce Product Returns

Help your customers understand your product features better such as color, scale and much more by letting them view your product in 3D


Better Conversions

Immersive mediums bring have 10x more engagement & 3X better Click Through Rates increasing the likelihood of product purchase.

Ahead of the League… by miles

Scapic’s AR Scape is your best bet for 3D and AR visualisation of your product. With features that are incomparable to other basic solutions out there, AR Scape is the most economical solution as well!


Cross Compatible

With universal device support, AR Scape works across all phones which have a camera and across all browsers.


Editor Support for Scale

We have built a full fledged 3D editor that allows you to create your AR Scape without writing any code.


Advanced Analytics

Gain access to advanced Analytics stack which allows you to view and measure 15+ parameters for each AR Scape


Enhanced Security

Protect access to your AR Scape with password protection.


SEO Optimised

Zero Load time impact due to proprietary progressive loading algorithms


Customised Portfolio Page

Show off your products using a custom page for you.


Various Embed Options

Embed in various locations - Banner, PDP page etc


Native SDKs on demand

Allows you to integrate with native Android and iOS apps


Hotspots Functionality

Annotate your 3D model to convey important message in a non-boring way

AR Scape is a one-stop solution for all your 3D and AR needs.

AR Scape 3D Editor

We have built a full fledged feature-rich 3D editor allowing you to edit hundreds of 3D models at once, customise them and add them to your website without writing any code!

  • tickMultiple themes suiting your sector
  • tickAsset Store with vast library of 2D and 3D assets
  • tickPreview Mode - Live update of edits
  • tickAdd Text and Media to your AR Scape
  • tickEffects to enhance your AR Scape
  • tickDraft Mode & Publish Modes
  • tickHeatmaps and Analytics for each AR Scape
  • tickSimple Drag and Drop Interface
  • tickSketchfab and Poly Integration
  • tick3D Editor to compose multiple 3D models
  • tickUpload your own 3D model - any format
  • tickAudio Integration
  • tickCollaboration feature to allow multiple users to edit
  • tickAnimation Support

Our Best Implementations

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Tried & Trusted by future first brands

From e-commerce brands to bike manufacturers, several brands have tried and had great results with AR Scape.


Scapic’s solution was implemented in a ‘Play&Win’ equivalent section of Unilevers loyalty app called Unipay and will be scaled to over 100-200 SKUs to improve the overall e-commerce experience and stand out from similar loyalty & grocery apps.

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Scapic worked closely with Myntra to enhance the shopping experience on their website by letting cutomers view the products in their space with Augmented Reality, improving the overall conversion rates.

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Scapic’s AR Scape Partner Program

Are you an agency or marketer looking to supercharge your brands / customers with 3D and AR visualisation?


Amplify your offering

Collaborate with us to offer your customers 3D and AR visualisation of their products as an addition to your existing offerings.

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Drive More Revenues

Through AR Scape, sell beyond your existing 2D offerings to your customers, giving you an opportunity to increase your revenues.

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Win-Win model

Become our evangelists to E-commerce brands and gain discounted offerings on Enterprise license purchase of AR Scapes, customised for your needs.

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