VR & AR Solutions for the E-Commerce sector


Online shopping has made life and shopping experience fun as well as convenient for the masses, considering their hectic professional lifestyle and time constraints. With the dawn of XR, there has been a shift in the way consumers interact with website. According to 2017 reports, 61% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites that offer augmented reality technology*. Harness the power of XR and integrate the digital world with the tangible world.

*Ipsos, 2017

Watch products come alive

Buyers like to explore numerous choices and preferences before making a purchase. With AR, online buyers can now experience this virtually from the comfort of their homes. Give your customers the option of creating customizations involving colours, designs and patterns with augmented reality.


Virtual Store

Add a new level of intrigue to the online shopping experience with virtual showrooms or stores. Offer your customers a virtual experience just as close to heading out to a physical store from their homes. The entire scene that users see is a virtually generated version of a store and the immersive experience allows them to become aware of how various products would work as one.


Augmented Reality based promotions

Augmented reality can minimize E-commerce returns by 23%*. With the rise of mobile commerce or mCommerce, augmented reality can help connect digital content with the real world and mCommerce retailers can provide interactive advertisements anywhere and anytime. Augmented reality aids as a differentiator and helps personalize the users’ confidence in a brand and help boost sale.


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