VR & AR Solutions for the entertainment industry


XR Technologies have changed how we interact with and consume content from television and film to live events. VR and AR investments within the entertainment sector amounted to $2.3 billion*. The entertainment sector has effectively used XR in PR and marketing initiatives for motion pictures, television and other media promotional campaigns.

*Goldman Sachs report (2018)

Make promos come alive

Mobile augmented reality facilitates tickets purchases by 66%. Augmented reality not only adds a layer of digital interaction to tickets, but can also be extended to movie promotion posters and concert promos to provide useful information to users across smartphones and boost fan engagement. AR can also enhance aspects of the environment which are important for the audience to know and can be implemented within the theatre industry.


Virtual Reality Narratives

From live music concerts to singer interviews, interactive 360-degree videos can place viewers at the concert and even place them right on the stage, content delivery using AR is also creating a revolution within media and entertainment. Interactive experiences can be implemented in museums or galleries to generate appeal, help build narratives and change attitudes towards heritage sites or artworks.


Bridging events & digital

XR solutions can connect multiple audiences across geographies and devices allowing for greater interaction. Add a whole new layer of amazement to your event offering interactivity on demand and in real time while integrating real world environments and objects. Let users interact meaningfully via a digital narrative and virtual identities taking events and concerts to the next level.


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