VR & AR Solutions for Healthcare


Extended Reality (XR) is revolutionizing the medical field by injecting innovation into the healthcare experience. The XR healthcare market is predicted to reach $5.1 billion worldwide by 2025* encouraged by growing adoption and investments. XR helps restructure the medical process, by improving healthcare from patient care and surgical imaging to resident training.

*Medicalxpress, 2018

Interact, Watch & learn with XR

Simulations aid learning by almost 90% and XR helps promote active, hands on learning as medical residents directly engage with the material through hands-on participation of visual elements allowing for better retention and a deeper understanding of the subject. 360-degree videos can also make learning more accessible by allowing medical students around the world access rare surgeries they would otherwise not be able to witness.


Visualise and treat conditions better

With XR, exploring targeted organs pre-surgery becomes easier and faster, it can help surgeons interpret vital nuances of each patient case and provide information in real time. AR can help track different stitches, screws and other surgical markings allowing for more effective, safe and precise surgical care.


Surgical intelligence revolutionized

XR can help optimize the healthcare process from blood tests, doctor’s appointments to surgical recovery. XR can enable remote guidance to connect the onsite medical staff with experts around the world and help evaluate and treat patients. From a medical standpoint, XR can help practitioners focus on the patient as they access all the information they need while the patient remains in their field of vision allowing for more tailored surgical solutions and reduction in margin for error.


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