VR & AR Solutions for Real Estate


The real estate industry is constantly evolving alongside the latest technologies. The real estate VR & AR space is predicted to reach at least $80 billion by 2025*. The technologies can be harnessed to potentially change the customer journey across the industry, by saving time and cost whilst providing a superior client experience.

*Goldman Sachs report (2018)

Virtually watch your next project

360 degree visualisations of any property provide customers with a more immersive experience across any device. The immersive nature of virtual reality allows for better interaction, visualisation, has better engagement with prospective buyers and facilitates higher real estate sales.


Customize, build, sell

Instantly stage a project in progress and create demonstrations of buildings and homes utilising Augmented Reality. Allow customers to preview properties and provide a realistic viewpoint at an interactive level. The versatility of AR allows for seamless integration across online and printed marketing material.


Promote exactly how things look

Offering customers the option of In-VR customisation allows them to visualise, personalise and modularise parts of a home before its sale. These can include changing carpets, flooring and adding fixtures all whilst experiencing a personalised experience.


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