VR & AR Solutions for the Travel Industry


The tourism industry is all about selling the experience of travel, building an incredible visitor experience is essential to a destination’s success. XR has an important part to play in this success as it begins to enhance real world experiences through mainstream technologies. With the help of XR, the tourism industry is moving towards being more attractive, accessible and adoptable to the ever-changing needs of travel.


Explore your destination

XR offers businesses the power to engage and entice potential customers like no travel brochure could. VR can immerse potential travellers in an interactive 360-degree experience, allowing them to travel to their destination before even buying a ticket. XR has the potential to support tourism experiences through new modes of visitor servicing, storytelling and gamification, allowing them to get a feel of the destination and convert travellers into potential customers.


Virtually across the world

VR is one of the developing technologies that is able to change people’s habits. It can be used by tourism organizations for management and marketing purposes, entertainment, accessibility, education or heritage preservation.


Augment your journey

AR can provide the facilities of a live tour guide on travellers’ mobile devices. Travellers can scan any monument, statue or piece of architecture and get important information about the place. AR offers a ground-breaking way to enrich travel experiences and widen the audience by offering 3D reconstructions, animated characters, pictures, text allowing for an immersive and educational experience.


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